Mobile learning

Quink is a fun mobile only knowledge reinforcement app. It uses spaced repetition, fun and bite-sized content to help you learn and refresh your knowledge.

Fully customizable

Using our templates, you can easily create your own learning moments. Upload your logo, set the colours and create quizzes & polls and launch videos and brain snacks.

Fun proof

Who said learning couldn’t be fun? We provide the fun part to the app, you deliver the learning content. This powerful combination makes your users come back for more!


Smart gamification

No badges, point or leaderboards, but three basic gamification core drives are embedded into the app: curiosity, impatience and unpredictability. Yeah!

Learning every day

Every day, 365 days a year, your learners receive bite-sized learning content. No dull course or presentation, but spot-on learning moments for a few moments a day. 

Various use cases

Turn product training, the latest processes and procedures or your pre- and post-training events into fun and engaging experiences. Or inspire your employees with the latest tips & tricks on various topics.

xAPI supported

Want to do state-of-the art analytics? Just connect your Quink app to your own Learning Record Store, using the built-in Experience API. Sounds easy? Well, it actually is.

Content library

Lack of time? In need of inspiration? Just add a topic from our content library to your subscription. We’ll offer topics on health & safety, ergonomics, communication, sales, …

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Team Quink

Hannes aka. Dutch
Hannes aka. Dutch

Hannes combines wit and writing skills offering you the best front content possible.

Mathias aka. Dillon
Mathias aka. Dillon

Mathias is an L&D specialist with the heart and passion for technology. And for sports and music.

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