Ever got the feeling that your traditional learning approach wasn’t that effective? That clicky-clicky eLearning within an LMS for that one particular project just didn’t do the trick? That your users really needed something else? Well, in that case, maybe Quink could be of use.

Using our desktop application, you can setup a Quink project, creating your daily mobile-only learning moments. You can choose between randomized content and date-picked content. Or even a combination! It only takes a few minutes to get you started.

After creating your project, you share the activation code with your audience (employees, customers, clients, …). They can download the Quink app in the AppStore or Google Play and register using an e-mail address and the activation code.

Every day, your users get a notification that there’s new content available. When they open the app, the receive a joke, a quote, a fact or a witty thought. On the backside, they can find your content. Could be a quiz, a poll or a video. Or just plain text. Whatever you created!

Once your users have started, you can start your analytics. Thanks to the xAPI, you collect a huge amount of data in your Learning Record Store. You integrate the data into your LMS, maybe adjust your strategy or support some specific learners, … What you do, is¬†totally up to you!

During the process, you can always change your learning content or add new topics. Whatever you decide, know that your users need spaced repetition, feedback and… a certain amount of good ol’ fun.